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We are glad to acquaint ourselves as one of the prime manufacturers and exporters of a large range of high-end induction machines. Our assortment of induction machines includes High Frequency Induction Heating Machine, Induction Brazing Machine, Induction annealing machine and so on. In addition to this, we also offer induction-hardening machine. Our Solid State Inverter Technology based induction machines are manufactured from the technically advanced parts.

Highly valued in the quality cautious markets, our induction machines are in compliance with ISO and CE quality norms. Robust construction of our induction machines assures low maintenance cost. User-friendly structure of our induction machines makes it highly popular in the market. With high speed, our induction machines assure excellent performance.

Induction Annealing Machine

We offer high efficiency Induction Annealing Machine that is highly appreciated in the national as well as international markets. Annealing is a heat treatment process that is perfect to change the physical properties like hardness, strength etc. of materials. We have carved a niche as one of the key read more...

Induction Heating Machine

induction Heating Assures Fast as Well as Consistent Heating for the Manufacturing Applications like Bonding, Changing Properties Etc. of Metal. We Provide Technically Sound Induction Heating Machine that Offers Excellent Performance with Minimum Maintenance. induction Heating Machine Offered By Us is read more...

Induction Brazing Machine

Today, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the distinguished High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine Manufacturers and suppliers based in India. Brazing is a process of joining of similar as well as dissimilar metals by utilizing heat and braze materials (filler materials). Our Induction Brazing read more...

Induction Melting Machine

We offer precisely engineered Induction Melting Machine that is widely used to melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals for further applications, precious metal melting and various other purposes. We have carved a niche as one of the major Induction Metal Melting Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers based in read more...

Water Chiller


  • Large size Chiller & Condenser for any industrial environmental condition.
  • User friendly operations of Electrical as well as Refrigeration.
  • Anti freeze protection.
  • Anti vibrators for Compressors.
  • Tropicalised design.
  • Digital

Induction Brazing Machine with HHT


  • Brazing of generator stator windings.
  • End ring brazing of rotors
  • Copper bus bars brazing  of transformers
  • Copper parts for compressors.
  • Brazing of condenser coil.
  • Submersible pump rotors.
  • Ring cable lugs.
  • Aluminum

Induction Vacuum Furnace


  • Precious metals
  • Highly pure, highly alloyed steel
  • High temperature resistant materials on Fe- Ni- Co- basis
  • Nonferrous Metals
  • Solar silicone and special materials
  • Special- / super-alloys
  • Metal treatment
  • Re-melting and

Planchet Heating Machines


  • Uniform center to periphery planchet heating within 15 sec.
  • Consistency in heating through Induction Heating.
  • Faster temperature rise.
  • Simplicity in operation.
  • Process is more than 85% efficient.
  • Induction power sources will be 95%

Shrink Fitting Machine


  • Shrink fitting of gears on shaft.
  • Shrink fitting of sleeves on shaft.
  • Shrink fitting of stator in outer enclosure.
  • Shrink fitting of rotor shaft to rotor.
  • Removal and re-fitting of a gas turbine impeller
  • Assembly of high precision roller

Induction Pan Brazing Machine


  • Basic cladding- Al+ SS, Cu +SS
  • Sandwich cladding –SS +Al +SS
  • Capsule cladding-Ss +Al +SS


  • High frequency inverter for higher efficiency(less running cost).
  • Higher